Once Used Boxes

We supply once used cardboard boxes to businesses and individuals. Our customers typically save 60 – 80% compared to buying new.


Re-using cardboard is great for the environment. Even recycled boxes have an impact, using “once used boxes” is the most effective.

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We don’t just supply boxes, we’ve got everything you’ll need for taping, packaging, void fill and more. Get in touch for a quote.

About The Box King

The Box King came to life in 2021 off the back of ten years in the recycling industry putting hundreds of thousands of good boxes into the recycling process, so started with around 50 and that’s where the journey began. Our approach is to sustainability and to reuse/re-purpose rather than recycle.

Our Customers

We supply once used cardboard boxes to tons of different types of people. Whether it’s businesses regularly sending out parcels, individuals moving house, or someone needing a storage solution. Whatever your requirements, we can help you save money and the environment.

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