The Box King

The Box King came to life in 2021 off the back of ten years in the recycling industry putting hundreds of thousands of good boxes into the recycling process, so started with around 50 and that’s where the journey began. Our approach to sustainability and to reuse/re-purpose rather than recycle.

Our aim at The Box King is to really help change the mindset of all sizes of companies. Firstly to say, can the boxes you are producing be used again rather than go directly into the recycling process? In itself is great, but reuse is better, which kick starts the Circular economy and counts towards reducing the vast amounts of energy (offsetting C02) used to recycle the waste cardboard plus the saving of natural resources(trees) as a good percentage of virgin material is needed to produce new cardboard.

The Question is: How many boxes can we let fulfil the purpose that they were made for? Millions!

We can come and evaluate your boxes (waste cardboard) and work out an action plan to see if we can work together so that it benefits everyone, right down to the end user who will save a significant percentage on buying newly manufactured boxes.

We all have a responsibility for sustainability and The Box King wants to be at the forefront of helping make it happen for our future generations.

If its a box thing call The Box King!

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